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Welcome to HMPS Site

Holy Mother Public School affiliated to Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (English Medium), was founded in 1995 to give boys and girls a sound education. Since the beginning HMPS offers an exclusive standard of education that aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. HMPS always considers that formation of character is the first essential of any sound educational system and so, great stress is laid on moral education. At HMPS our first priority is to make sure that every child should feel comfortable with the school environment. We strive to provide a holistic program, where an integrated method and our well trained staff members try to make their learning process easy & enjoyable. HMPS always try to develop zeal amosng the students so that an all round development is ensured, where each child can develop not only intellectually, but also physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Every child learns to care and share, works with materials and learns to make observations which enable them to think for not only themselves but for the marginalized sections of the society. Extra curricular activities like Drawing, Debate Competition, Sports, Art, Pottery, Music, Dance and Drama add spice to the fun-filled day at school. There is no doubt in saying that Holy Mother Public School is one of the best English Medium schools in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan.

News Updates

  1. ONLINE Work 01.04.20 [click here]
  2. Class10 and 8 PPS-2 Math [click here]
  3. ONLINE Work 31.03.2020 [click here]
  4. ONLINE Work 30.03.2020 [click here]
  5. ONLINE Work 28.03.2020 [click here]
  6. ONLINE work 27.03.2020 [click here]
  7. Class 8 - PPS-1 Math {click here]
  8. Class 8 Practice Paper -1 solution [click here]
  9. Class 10 - PPS-1 Math [26.03.2020]
  10. Class 10 Practice Paper-1 solution [click here]
  11. ONLINE Work 26.03.2020
  12. Online Work - 24.03.2020 [click here]
  13. Online work 23.03.2020 [click here]
  14. Online Work 21.03.2020 [click here]
  15. Online Work 20.03.20
  16. Online HW - 16.03.20 [click here]
  17. Online Work for all classes [ 19.03.20]
  18. Work for 18.03.20 for all classes [click here]
  19. Class 7 [SCI-Ch-15] Online HW
  20. Class - IX Online HW - 17.03.20
  21. Class - 4 - Online HW - 17.03.20
  22. Class - 5- Online HW - 17.03.20
  23. Class 1- online HW- 17.03.20
  24. Class 3 - online HW- 17.03.20
  25. Class - II - Online HW - 17.03.20
  26. Class 6- online support 17-03-20
  27. SYLLABUS - 2019-20 CLASS 6 TO 10 [click here]
  28. SYLLABUS 2019-20 CLASS 1 TO 5 [click here]
  29. Praveshotsava-2019 pic [click here]
  30. Books list for the sesson 2019-20[click here]
  31. Required Document for RTE admission
  32. RTE admission [click here]
  33. Creative Assembly [click here for pics]
  34. Study Excursion JOYGAUN pics [click here]
  35. HMPians Trophy Cricket Match Pics [Click here]
  36. Study Excursion for Class 6 to 10 students [click here]
  38. Our students are on USO website (click here)
  40. Toppers classwise 2017-18 [click here]
  41. Study Excursion PRIYAGOLD Biscuit Facotry Noida (click here) for pics
  42. Study Excursion KIDZANIA (click here) for pics
  43. World Population Day (click here)
  44. RTE admission announcement 2017-18 (click here )
  45. Quiz Competition 'Challenge 2016 photographs uploaded. (Click here)
  46. Third Badging Ceremony photographs uploaded on face book (click here)
  47. Second Badging Ceremony pics (click here)
  48. Again this year HMPians Board result 100% .............Congratulation HMPians
  49. Closing ceremony of Art Exhibhition photographs uploaded [click here]
  50. BEATS - 2016 program [click here]
  51. Announcement for RTE admission 2016-17[click here]
  52. "Parendey" Junior's Annual Day [click here]
  53. Staff Excursion and Training Program [click here]
  54. Greeting Card Workshop [click here]
  55. Study Excursion photographs uploaded.[ click here]
  56. Badging Ceremony [click here]
  57. Holy Mother becomes Table Tennis Champion (under 14) in the 60th District Tournamnet
  58. Eco Friendly Club Election Photos updated on FB [ Click here}
  59. Secondary result [click here]
  60. Toppers Class 5 to 8 [click here]
  61. Scholarship Award winner 2014-15 [click here]
  62. Toppers Class 2 - 3 & 4 [click here]
  63. Toppers Class LKG-UKG & First [click here]
  64. Sports Meet - 2015 photo updated [click here]
  65. Beats photgraphs uploaded [click here]