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Uniform and Appearance

Regular Dress is changing from the academic year 2018-19

will inform shortly....under process



On every Saturday and notified day pupils must be in T-Shirt according to the house allotted to them in school and blue lower with the strip of house colour and sports shoes.

General Apperance

Oversized baggy clothing should not be worn and the uniform should be kept smart and clean. Hair too should be neat and clean, with no colouring, bleaching or streaking. Boys’ hair length must be above the collar.

Non-Uniform Items

Because the uniform is designed to promote simplicity, non-competition in dress and a focus on school rather than fashion, the following non-uniform items are not permitted in school. School will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable articles in the school.

Jewelry (other than simple watches or small earring), Colored nail polish, Make-up (including lip gloss and mascare), Open toe, open heel or high heeled shoes, Chain, tattoos or body piercing, Caps or hats in the classroom

Free Dress Day

Occasionally, students are given free dress days. They are notified of these days well in advance, usually at morning assembly. On such days, clothing appropriate for school must be worn.